Building the Indiana We Deserve

There was a time, not too long ago, where our grandparents were able to go to work and feel like they could provide for their families and get by. Good union jobs were plentiful and wages were good and housing was affordable. Those same Indiana towns that our grandparents built are suffering now. We cobble together a few jobs to make ends meet, the unions are gone, and housing and food costs are taking up more and more of our paycheck. Something happened in the past half a century: our politicians stopped answering to the people and the CEOs took more for themselves and left less for us. What can we do?

The frightening truth is: nobody is coming to save us. Sure, some politicians will tell us they have our back, some new employer promises new jobs, but then the politicians sell us out and those jobs don't come with benefits or good wages. It is up to us to save ourselves and the only way to do that is by organizing. We won't lie. This will not be easy. There are a lot of people with a lot of power who do not want the people to work together and believe that we deserve better, but we have more people and the stakes are far bigger for us.

That is why we built Hoosier Action: to create a place where Hoosier families get a say. Where we can put in the hard work of sharing our stories of pain and struggle, of organizing meetings with elected officials, of building relationships and community with our neighbors so that we can see that we are not alone, that others are struggling like we are, and that we all have the spark and light of humanity that earns us the right to dignity, freedom, and a functioning democracy. Join us, and in joining us we hope you recognize the value you have and the responsibility that comes with having value: a responsibility to lift ourselves and each other out of the darkness and into a real future for all Hoosiers.



Hoosier Axioms

1. Organized people + Organized money = Power
2. Relationships are the core of organizing.
3. Great ideas, good intentions, and well-written reports do not change the world; real social change happens through tension, agitation, and building power.
4. Our job is to move people from scarcity to abundance, from isolation to community, and from despair into action.
5. Advancing our vision of abundance is a direct confrontation with the forces of racism and hatred and a path forward to a society based on equality and justice.
6. We determine what’s possible, no one else.
7. We are disciplined: We do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it, we show up on time, we hold honest and direct conversations, we don’t make excuses, and we don’t reward victimhood.
8. Organizers don’t help others; we invite others to join us in taking action around our collective self-interest.
9. We are afraid and angry, and the people on the other side of doors across the state are afraid and angry too. We invite them into a different vision for their lives and the state.
10. A well-functioning organization is necessary to contest for power.