Jackson County is a lot like the rest of Indiana: good hard-working folks who are struggling to get by. There are lots of jobs at local assembly lines and farms, but the workers all go through temp agencies and aren't given the benefits that full-time employees get. Then, after they work twelve hour mandatory overtime, they go home to mobile homes where they pay high rent and the landlord doesn't maintain the property and where nobody trusts the well water to drink and cook with. Many of them have lost a loved one or are struggling to help a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction, primarily heroin and meth. There are few affordable choices for people who want to recover from addiction, so the local jail is where most of them end up. A lot of people who have the means to leave have left, and more continue to move out of Jackson County.

We are building a chapter in Jackson County that is working to address the employment, housing, and substance abuse issues that too many people are struggling with. We want real long-term solutions that put people first and make it not an exhausting struggle for Seymour residents to live with the dignity all people deserve.