We’re recruiting 500 people who are concerned that our legislators don’t reflect true Hoosier values of freedom, dignity, and democracy. By each of us committing 2 or more hours a week to PROJECT MIDTERM, we can take back this state in favor of candidates who do reflect our values.

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Agenda For Working Hoosiers

We believe that all Hoosiers deserve freedom, dignity, and democracy. Over the last ten years, the rich and powerful have made our state more violent and impoverished, more divided and isolated, and less equal and just.

During the 2018 legislative session in Indianapolis, we are advancing a three-pronged Agenda for Working Hoosiers to put everyday Indiana families and communities at the center of our politics, take on the rich and powerful interests standing in our way, and build the Indiana we deserve.


We Are New Albany

In Spring 2017, New Albany, Indiana Mayor Jeff Gahan announced his intention to demolish more than half of the town's public housing stock.

Apart from vague promises of housing vouchers, residents have been told almost nothing about the plan or what will become of them.


Campus Action for Democracy

Students at Indiana University Bloomington are fighting to have an Early Voting Center on campus for the 2018 elections. Students have a stake, students have a voice. Join the campaign to make sure students have a say.


Hoosiers Care

In recent years, the decimation of our state's healthcare system has led to lethal water contamination, the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana history, Medicaid recipients threatened with severe budget cuts, and an opioid crisis that is ravaging entire communities. Hoosiers deserve better. Hoosiers care.