Fundraiser for Down Home NC & Hoosier Action in New York City

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Indiana and North Carolina are ripe for political transformation.

Brigid Flaherty and Kate Hess Pace are experienced organizers whose focus is building the power of everyday people to make the changes that matter to them.  In the wake of the recent presidential election, both have committed to make a real difference by moving from their urban homes, with Kate moving back to her birthplace in the Midwest and Brigid headed back to the South.

Down Home North Carolina and Hoosier Action seek to build a new model for small-town America. These two new organizations will focus on political education, building membership, anti-racist training, and campaigns to secure long-term, transformation in their home districts.

On Tuesday, March 21, Brigid and Kate are hosting a fundraiser in New York City, where they will be joined by North Carolina-based organizer Todd Zimmer. At the event, they will discuss their decisions to move back home, and the what they will build, and creating relationships across the country for a national movement. Please join us in supporting their cause.

Hoosier Action

Long written off as the “northern-most Southern state,” Indiana, with its Northern rustbelt towns and rolling Southern half, exemplifies much of what has happened in America over the last 40 years. Gutted by NAFTA, disenfranchised by voter ID laws and gerrymandering, weakened by the assault on labor unions through “right to work” laws, the state is ripe for an insurgent democratic people’s movement, rooted in anti-racist economic populism.

So far, Hoosiers have had very few vehicles for participating in democratic action. The lack of grassroots organizing in poor, rural communities has driven despair, isolation, and racial resentment. In many areas, the only available roads for creating political meaning have gone through the far right, where economic devastation is mobilized against immigrant communities and people of color -- to the benefit of the corporate class.

Hoosier Action is a new road. We will build a member-owned and -led organization in rural and small town Indiana, to fight for the bread-and-butter issues facing families living in poverty or struggling to make ends meet. Our goal is to reshape state politics to reflect and meet the needs of the electorate.

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Down Home North Carolina

Lately, North Carolina has been making the news for all the wrong reasons. You probably know it’s a swing state that went red for Trump. You may have heard about the attacks on black voting rights, or the transphobic bathroom bill, products of a right-wing legislative takeover backed by powerful corporate interests. You may have even heard about white supremacist movements on the rise, and seen images of the confederate flag flying over parts of North Carolina.

If you visited the rural areas of North Carolina you’d meet proud and hardworking people who believe, correctly, that the political system has forgotten their struggles and hardships. You’d meet people who love their families and worry about the future, about losing health insurance, or struggling to make the rent. There is only one solution to their challenges: organizing. Down Home North Carolina (DHNC) will build power in small town and rural communities to create a statewide organization that, together with communities of color, can reshape North Carolina and change the direction it is headed.

We desperately need multiracial alliances of working people in order to challenge the political order in North Carolina, but such a formation is not inevitable, even given demographic trends toward greater diversity.  In 2017 DHNC organizers (from and of North Carolina) will have thousands of face-to-face conversations about these issues in key rural counties. We will move North Carolina’s small town and rural white working populations into active campaigns with communities of color, and we will resist the rise of white supremacist movements. United in our love for our home, the people of Down Home North Carolina will win real policy changes and grow movements for economic and racial justice in the pivotal state of North Carolina.

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