June 2019 Newsletter

Hoosier Action is fighting to keep people on their healthcare and to stop dangerous contamination from making us sick. We are grateful for all you do to help build a better Indiana for all! Here’s what we’ve been doing and what’s happening in the next month. 

Our Save Hoosier Healthcare Rally is coming up! 

Join us on  July 1st in Indianapolis  to take some names and save some lives! We are putting the Governor on notice, and we need you there. You can find more information under Upcoming Events.

Join us on July 1st in Indianapolis to take some names and save some lives! We are putting the Governor on notice, and we need you there. You can find more information under Upcoming Events.

Last Month

Save Hoosier Healthcare Campaign Kickoff 

On May 29th, over 70 Hoosiers from four different counties joined us in at the Monroe County Public Library for our Save Hoosier Healthcare Campaign Kickoff! We partnered with Medicare for All Indiana, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, and the Indiana Recovery Alliance for the standing room only event where we publicly launched our fight against the dangerous changes coming to Medicaid in Indiana. 

Event co-chair, Hoosier Action member Eva Bell, explained to the crowd how the changes to the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) will trap her and her family in poverty. Despite working two jobs, under the complex new rules it is likely that she will lose both her healthcare and her childcare.

Event co-chair, Hoosier Action member Eva Bell, explained to the crowd how the changes to the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) will trap her and her family in poverty. Despite working two jobs, under the complex new rules it is likely that she will lose both her healthcare and her childcare.

 Check out the coverage of the evening in the Indiana Daily Student

As Pastor Bruce Ervin outlines in his excellent guest column published in the Bloomington Herald Times, “This is an onerous burden on families living in poverty, for whom just staying alive is hard work. Undoubtedly, people who really are working will fail to meet the filing deadline some months, resulting in the loss of their health insurance.” Read all of his guest column “Upcoming Changes to HIP Are Harmful Not Helpful” here. 

Feeling inspired? We encourage you to submit op-eds and letters to the editor! Email tracey@hoosieraction.org if you need any writing resources. 

Johnson County EPA meeting

Our Johnson County team attended a meeting by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on June 5th. The team spoke with representatives from the EPA and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) about the issues of toxic contamination in Franklin Indiana.

Morgan County Research Visits

Our Morgan county team has been visiting with local officials and community leaders to discuss the contamination issues in Martinsville. 


Wednesday Work Parties

Join us every Wednesday evening in June from 6 pm-8 pm at our Monroe County office for our Save Hoosier Healthcare Dinners & Work Parties! We’ll provide dinner and a brief training, followed by lots of opportunities to take action. In the coming weeks we’ll make phone calls, do data entry, send text messages, make signs, and write letters to the editor together. RSVP by emailing tracey@hoosieraction.org

Hardworking Hoosiers enjoying cheese puffs and fighting for Hoosier Healthcare.

Hardworking Hoosiers enjoying cheese puffs and fighting for Hoosier Healthcare.

Farmer’s Market Tabling

We need three more volunteers to table at the Monroe County farmer’s market this month. Email Michelle at admin@hoosieraction.org to volunteer. 

Sunday Outreach

Join us Sundays in June from 4 pm-7 pm at the Monroe County Hoosier Action Offices to either doorknock, make turnout phone calls, or send text messages. 

Support Emerging Hoosier Leaders

Leadership development is at the core of our work. We are building power by developing local leadership across our state to run and win campaigns on issues that impact their lives. Here are a few members attending a weeklong, transformational leadership training this summer. This training will teach the power and skills of community organizing, and will launch leaders into new roles and capacity within the organization. 

What inspired you to step into leadership, and what do you look forward to about this training?


Mary Beth Roska

Monroe County

Like most people who decide to step into leadership, I did so because I was asked.

I’ve spent a lifetime honing skills and feel this late chapter (retirement) is the time for all of them to coalesce into a good, focused, working machine. I look to Isaiah to help me further that intention and am grateful for the opportunity.


Connie Thompson

Morgan County

I want to take on more leadership because I've never had a fair say. I came out as gay as a child, and I'm currently facing a gender identity crisis. This has meant that speaking up has always been scary for me. At this training, I hope to learn how I can use my unique experience in life as the subject of oppression for the common goals we all share.


Eva Bell

Monroe County

I want to go to week long so that I can have the tools I need to build a better future for me and my kids.


Alex Chambers

Monroe County

Indiana’s been my home for seventeen years now, and my kids’ home for their whole lives. I think Indiana can be a state where people take care of each other better than we do now, and Hoosier Action has for the first time given me a sense of what that would take. And now that I see the path, I feel the responsibility to walk it. It’s been exciting—meeting people, hearing their appreciation for our work, and helping them find their own voice and power to make change, and I think the leadership training at Isaiah will help me get better at that.

At Hoosier Action, we invest in each other. We ask you to click here, and sponsor a member to attend this life changing training and to grow as a leader in this organization. Sponsorships range from $5-$700. Give what you can. 

“Weeklong leadership training change my life. I attended the training last year, and since then I have organized candidate forums and community action forums, I knocked on hundreds of doors and built two volunteer teams that have organized rallies and spoken to dozens of community leaders. What this training does is unleash people and give them the tools to trust themselves and wield their experiences in the public arena. That’s what it did for me.” 

- Tasha Coppinger

Upcoming Events

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.53.13 PM.png

On July 1st, Indiana will begin a dangerous new experiment with Medicaid (HIP): unnecessary and burdensome new reporting requirements. Starting in 2020, tens of thousands of Hoosiers will lose their healthcare because of these new changes.

And while we get sicker, someone’s getting richer. These new requirements are being run by companies that profit by making the system harder for Hoosiers. Insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and other mega-corporations all make money by withholding care from us.

Join us on July 1st to demand that the Governor stop this cruel program before Hoosiers get hurt. We deserve a healthcare system that puts people before profit. The time is now: show up and demand that Indiana do better. 

We are filling a bus in Bloomington to go to Indianapolis on July 1st! RSVP here to reserve your spot on the bus or to arrange transportation from another county. Please also use this form to let us know of any accommodations you may need at the event.

Sign our petition here or fill out a postcard by stopping by the office. We also need help collecting more postcard signatures--we want 5,000 by July 1st! Email tracey@hoosieraction.org to get some postcards for your friends and family to fill out.

Our first Chapter Meeting for Morgan and Johnson Counties is on June 29th! 

For more information contact tasha@hoosieraction.org 

Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Check out our Facebook page here, and help amplify our July 1st event by sharing it on your social media accounts.

May 2019 Newsletter

7 Hoosier Action members attended the People’s Wave in DC!

Members went to Washington DC for a three day conference consisting of training and direct action around issues that are impacting people across the country. Members participated in direct actions demanding healthcare for all and environmental protections from dangerous contamination, and learned skills for community organizing that they will take back to Indiana to organize locally for better health in our state.


We held our first Day-Long Intensive Leadership Training!!

Local leaders from across Southern Indiana came together to get trained on power and organizing. Participants learned leadership skills necessary to make a difference in their lives and communities.  


Johnson County Team held a gathering of 100 Franklin community members on Earth Day!

On April 22nd, Franklin community members shared information around the local contamination issues, as well as concerns and personal accounts of health impacts. Attendees sent postcards to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made phone calls to local officials. Fifty people walked with signs to the EPA through the city center.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.37.16 AM.png

Member Spotlight:

Tyla Barrick-Pond

Tyla is a leader on the environmental justice campaign in Franklin Indiana. She co-chaired the Gathering for a Healthy Franklin last month.

How did you get involved in Hoosier Action?

I got involved during a door knocking event in Franklin.  Hoosier Action immediately grabbed my attention and it went from there.  

What was the first big step you took as part of the organization that made a difference to you?  

I would say my first big step was the Gathering in Franklin Indiana that we all successfully managed pretty well in my opinion.  The outcome was over a 100 people showing up and wanting to be involved in the community. It was amazing to see a great turnout.  

Why do you do this work, and what are you fighting for?

I do this work because it takes all of us. We learned in early 2017 that we live within a mile of a known contamination site but believed it wasn't a problem.  I was ignorant to any of the issues surrounding my hometown and what it was doing to our community until I got sick last year and ended up in a medically induced coma. I had heart failure and chronic lung issues and the doctors were baffled at how young I am and my health issues. After I recovered I dug in and began to fight for my family and my neighborhood.


Featured Event


We’re mounting an organized, region-wide campaign to Save Hoosier Healthcare, in partnership with Medicare for All Indiana (formerly Hoosiers for a Common Sense Healthcare Plan) and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. Dangerous changes to Indiana’s Medicaid Program threaten to kick thousands of people off of their insurance. The campaign kicks off on May 29th at 6:30 pm at the Monroe County Public Library.

Every Hoosier has struggled to navigate our healthcare system to get the care we need. Too many of us have to choose between paying for prescriptions or medical bills or our utilities.

Doctors, patients, and caregivers all have to deal with a confusing and unforgiving bureaucracy in order to provide and receive care. And it’s about to get worse for all of us: unnecessary and burdensome new reporting requirements will kick thousands of Hoosiers off their healthcare next year if we don’t do something about it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to take a stand and take back our power. Join Hoosier Action, Medicare for All Indiana (formerly HCHP), and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard on May 29th at the Monroe County Public Library at 6:30 pm to launch our campaign to Save Hoosier Healthcare!


Other Events

  • Doorknock in the 5 County Region on May 26th: Join our ambitious effort to knock 3,000 doors in the Monroe, Brown, Owen, Greene, and Lawrence Counties! We need everyone in this fight with us: sign up online here and contact Jackie Nester, our Door Knocking Captain, at jnesterj7@gmail.com with any questions.

  • Doorknock in Johnson County on May 21st: email tasha@hoosieraction.org for details and to join!

  • Johnson County Meeting on May 26th: We will meet from 2-4pm at the Franklin Branch of the Johnson County Public Library to form a summer plan around the contamination issues and develop a community involvement plan for the upcoming EPA meeting. Email tasha@hoosieraction.org  for details or to RSVP.

  • Morgan County Research Visits: We are beginning a month of listening and reconnaissance around contamination and health issues in Morgan County. Email tasha@hoosieraction.org for details or to sign up to go on a research visit!

  • Monroe County Member Meeting on June 9th: Email tracey@hoosieraction.org for details or to RSVP.

P.S. We're collecting the stories and experiences of people in Indiana on HIP 2.0/Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise. Share your story here and feel free to share the survey with everyone you know.