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Protect hoosier healthcare

Every Hoosier has struggled to navigate our healthcare system to get the care we need. Too many of us have to choose between paying for prescriptions or medical bills or our utilities. Doctors, patients, and caregivers all have to deal with a confusing and unforgiving bureaucracy in order to provide and receive care.

It’s about to get worse for all of us: unnecessary and burdensome new reporting requirements will kick thousands of Hoosiers off their healthcare if we don’t do something about it.

On July 1st, Indiana will begin a dangerous new experiment with the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), a form of Medicaid. Starting in 2020, tens of thousands of Hoosiers will lose their healthcare because of these new changes.

While we get sicker, someone’s getting richer.

These new requirements are being run by companies that profit by making the system harder for Hoosiers. Insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and other mega-corporations all make money by withholding care from us.

We all have bodies. We all get hurt and sick. We all deserve to go to the doctor when we need care. We deserve a healthcare system that puts people before profit.

This is why we are organizing a campaign to Save Hoosier Healthcare! You can join the campaign by:

Email if you want to get involved or have any questions about the campaign!