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food system

We are founded on the idea that food should cultivate community and respect, not shame and disenfranchisement. Every person has a right to fresh and healthy food, regardless of their income or race. We demand that farmers and farm laborers from all walks of life are respected for the importance they hold and that they are paid a living wage for their work. Our food should support the health of the people and should be grown in a way that supports the health of the environment for future generations. We demand a food system that ultimately nourishes all Hoosiers.

Hoosier Action works on issues that impact the rights of small farmers and SNAP recipients. Our Food and Farms Coalition has been running a campaign directed at the Farm Bill since December 2017; through which we have done door knocking, tabling at Farmers' Markets, hosted meeting and trainings, submitted letters to the editor, and directed over 100 Farm Bill specific calls to our senators and house representative. We held a public meeting in April 2018 with nearly 100 farmers, SNAP users, and community members during which we presented personal accounts of our experiences with hunger and farming to a staff person from Senator Donnelly's office. 

We are currently in the beginning stages of building an alliance among small and family farmers across Southern Indiana.