A new political voice for Indiana communities

Are you sick of feeling powerless to fix Indiana’s politics? Are you angry about what this government is doing to our families and communities? Are you scared of what might happen if we don’t reverse course soon? Good news: we’re taking action, and you can too!

Hoosier Action is a member-owned and -led organization. We bring Southern Indiana’s working families into real relationship with one another. We fight for a small-town agenda based on working Hoosiers’ collective self-interests, against the rich and powerful standing between us and the Indiana we deserve.

We implement mass canvasses, listening tours, house parties, and above all one-on-one conversations to stand up local chapters throughout the region, run issue campaigns, and perform vital political work in the run-up to elections.

Hoosier Axioms

1. Organized people + Organized money = Power
2. Relationships are the core of organizing.
3. Great ideas, good intentions, and well-written reports do not change the world; real social change happens through tension, agitation, and building power.
4. Our job is to move people from scarcity to abundance, from isolation to community, and from despair into action.
5. Advancing our vision of abundance is a direct confrontation with the forces of racism and hatred and a path forward to a society based on equality and justice.
6. We determine what’s possible, no one else.
7. We are disciplined: We do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it, we show up on time, we hold honest and direct conversations, we don’t make excuses, and we don’t reward victimhood.
8. Organizers don’t help others; we invite others to join us in taking action around our collective self-interest.
9. We are afraid and angry, and the people on the other side of doors across the state are afraid and angry too. We invite them into a different vision for their lives and the state.
10. A well-functioning organization is necessary to contest for power.